Covid 19 Preparations

We have been receiving a lot of enquiries from clients requesting a strategy for return to their office once the government permits, so our team of design engineers with 75 years of combined industry experience have carried out a study using resources from industry bodies such as CIBSE and ASHRAE, exploring their recommendations and the feasibility of implementing these strategies and installing the products. We had to investigate impact on the existing services, occupants, noise output and of course cost. We have now shortlisted the strategies and products that best fit for the office environment which can be easily installed without major impact on the existing services and the need for additional builders work. These products and strategies are listed below.

Our industry has been promoting the WELL Office standard for some time, which the focus is making the office environment better for employees. We see now as a real opportunity to enhance our working environment at the same time as making it a safer, cleaner place to return to post Covid-19 pandemic.

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Corona 19 Infection Control

A UVC emitter installed inside a fresh air supply duct to kill any Covid/Infuenza/SARS virus as it enters, before it is distributed into an office space.

Validation of Your Existing Fresh Air Supply & Extract Air

Before you re-enter your office post Covid-19 it is really important that you validate your fresh air supply serving your demise and also your extract air flow rates to ensure they are performing as designed. If operating correctly your fresh air system should change the air within the demise every hour, providing fresh air at 10l/s per person generally. Over a period of time central air handling plant deteriorates, filters become blocked and risers become unbalanced during other fit outs that take place within the building, which sometimes resulting in fresh air that is apportioned to your floor as part of your lease is distributed incorrectly to other parts of the building. We would strongly recommend measuring the quantity of fresh air being delivered to your floor to ensure it is in line with the design volumes. We would send in a team of commissioning engineers who would record the fresh air and extract flow rates for our design engineers to evaluate and report back on. Any shortfalls in fresh air shall be highlighted and recommendations of any remedial works required will be made. If you are not the Landlord this report can be sent by you on to your landlord for their action. It is really important at this current time that your demise is receiving the correct quantity of fresh air to reduce the risk of infection caused by poor air flow.

We would also record the fresh air and extract rates to your WC’s to ensure correct air changes are present, this is critical as these shared facilities are higher risk contamination areas, being used by multiple occupants who often blow their noses inside of the WC’s causing airborne aerosols.

HVAC UVC Protection and Filtration for the Office Environment

Level One General Occupied Space – Air Conditioning Fan Coil UVC Filtration

Protection for Air Conditioning Fan Coil Units

For the ultimate protection for your office environment we would recommend the installation of Passive UVC emitters in to each ceiling mounted air conditioning fan coil unit (FCU).

Air conditioning units recirculate room air, adding heating and cooling this air as required maintaining room temperature. Generally the fan coil units in the ceiling change the air within an office nine times every hour. By adding a UVC emitter in to each fan coil unit we can filter the air within the office 9 times every hour, killing 99% corona, SARS and influenza virus within the air that passes through the FCU. Corona and SARS virus is very sensitive to UVC light and is killed within a second of exposure. The UVC emitter also kills moulds and bacteria. We would also recommend replacing the standard FCU filter at the same time as the work is carried out with a higher grade G4 filter.

To supply and install 1no Steril-Aire UVC emitter in to a single fan coil unit would cost approx £1100.00 + VAT per fan coil subject to survey and design. This includes the power supply to the UVC lamp which will be taken from the FCU power supply via a fused connection. An isolator shall also be supplied to switch the UV on and off during maintenance.

Replacement UVC lamps for the emitters are £189.00 + VAT plus fitting. Lamps should last 12 months. These could be replaced by CEG or by an incumbent maintenance contractor during their periodic routine maintenance inspections.

If your budget does not stretch to installation of every fan coil unit, you could consider installing only in the fan coils which serve high density occupant areas such as meeting rooms, tea points and hot desking areas.

UVC Protection for Fresh Air Supply

Fresh air is supplied to your demise by the Landlords central air handing unit(s) (AHU). A portion of this fresh air is mixed with air extracted from the building to recover energy rather than exhausting it to atmosphere for energy conservation reasons. Cross contamination can occur within the AHU where fresh supply air is mixed with re-circulated air from the building which may have airborne virus present. We would therefore recommend that you treat the fresh air being fed to the floor as it enters your demise. A UVC emitter can be installed inside the fresh air supply duct work within the ceiling void to kill any Covid/Infuenza/SARS virus as it enters your demise, before it is distributed in to your office space.

Once these UV products are installed we can issue a certificate that can be displayed to inform occupants that the area is protected by UVC filtration to kill virus and bacteria, giving staff and visitors more comfort that you have been proactive in your response to the Covid-19 pandemic and their wellbeing.

Level Two– Portable UVC Filtration Unit for Meeting Rooms & Offices

If the fan coil UVC filtration Option 1 is not taken we would recommend the purchase of a portable air purification unit to filter the air within a room up to the size of 84m2. These units could be used in smaller offices and meeting rooms especially where multiple occupants are present. The unit would be located in the corner of the room, plugged in to a local power socket and would filter the air within the room with UVC light.

The units variable speed blower pulls the air into the reflective Aluminium Reaction Chamber parallel to the UV Lamp where the Dual Zone UVC/UVV (Germicidal /Oxidising) Lamp destroys the biological and chemical contaminants. The unit can be used continuously or when the need arises. Easily transported and includes a stand and carrying handle. The unit will purify up to 84 square meters and is ideal for anyone in need of a cost effective solution for those who work in offices, or, for those who do not have a forced air home system.

  • Eradicates bacteria, viruses and mould
  • Destroys chemical and biological odours
  • Sanuvox’s patented system in a Portable UV Air Purifier weighing 5 kg
  • High Intensity 19mm UVC/UVV spliced Quartz Lamp
  • 8,540 microwatts per/cm2 of average UV intensity inside UV Reaction Chamber
  • 9 electronically controlled speeds
  • Touch-Pad Digital Controls with Count-Down Timer
  • Most effective Air Purification System for those who do not have a forced air system
  • Purify up to 84 square meters
  • Easily wall mountable. Integral stand and handle included
  • 3 year warranty on parts including UV Lamp
  • CSA C/US Certified & CE Approved

Ideal for homes, apartments, waiting rooms, break rooms, classrooms, offices, boats & RV’s, hotel rooms, fire restoration and any application that would require spot biological & chemical purification

To supply only 1no Portable UCV filtration unit capable of treating up to 84m2 of space for the sum of £1,293.00 + VAT each.

Level Three – Special Applications – Handheld UVC Wand

Did you know that Covid-19 can be killed in 0.6 seconds by passing a UV wand over an infected surface?

For sanitising internal surfaces quickly and efficiently for example door handles, meeting room tables, chairs, hot desks.

99% of Coronavirus killed in 0.6 seconds at a distance of 300mm. See below COVID kill chart for the performance of this wand.

Touchless WC Cisterns and Basin Taps

Communal areas such as WC’s present as greater risk of infection from virus and bacteria.  The UK is somewhat behind other parts of the world such as Asia where touchless devises are often installed within wash rooms. In today’s modern electronic world there should be no requirement for a person to touch a flush handle or basin mixer tap for operation within a WC, where risk of cross contamination between persons is at its greatest.

We would recommend replacing your existing WC flush and basin taps for touch less sensor type so there is no need to anyone’s hand to come in to contact with handles.

  • Touchless Tap
  • WC Cistern Touchless Flush
  • Touchless Soap dispenser
  • A touchless soap dispenser should also be a consideration.

To replace each basin mixer tap and WC flush with an electronic touchless version could cost as little at £750.00 + VAT for each device. The installation and product selection would require a survey to confirm this cost as each application is different. We would aim to retro fit using existing apertures in work surfaces were possible.

Please note that a mains power supply would need to be present, local to the WC cistern and wash hand basin. Battery operated devices are available for applications where power is not possible, but this should be a last resort and used only where a mains power supply is not available, as batteries will run out requiring maintenance input. Please note we have not included for the power supply installation within this budget costs. If you do not have your own electrical contractor we can provide this service at an additional cost.

Re-entry in to Dormant Office Space - Sterilisation of Tea Point Water Supply

If your office has been dormant for more than two weeks within the tea point not in use we would strongly recommend that the mains cold water supply pipe work is re chlorinated to ensure it is fit for drinking purposes. This is a process which is carried out at the completion of the office fit out, but must be carried out if the supply has been dormant for a period of time. On completion you will be handed with a certificate of completion and a sample of the water shall be sent off to a UCAS laboratory for testing to ensure the water is fit for drinking.

You should also ask your Landlord what procedures they have had in place to ensure any potable water storage tanks have been turning over water if the building has been unoccupied. We can also take a sample of this water to ensure that it is fit for drinking purposes to give you piece of mind that the buildings management have been doing their part.

To chlorinate 1no tea point drinking water supply complete with sample and certificate £455.00 + VAT

Please note this is per water supply, if you have more than one tea point additional chlorination’s will be charged at the above rate.


In summary our strategy for your return to office post covid-19 is as follows:

  • Validate

    Validate existing fresh air system to ensure they are meeting design air change rates

  • Installation

    Installation of fan coil UVC filtration

  • Fresh Air UVC filtration

    Installation of In duct Fresh Air UVC filtration

  • UVC Filtration

    Portable UVC Filtration units

  • UVC Wand for Sterilization

    UVC Wand for Sterilization of surfaces

  • Touchless Taps and Soap Dispensers

    Installation of wash room touch less devises such as Basin Taps, WC Cisterns and Soap Dispensers

  • Chlorination of drinking water

    Chlorination of existing drinking water supplies following prolonged period of inactivity

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